It is always hard to ask for help. I am a 'one man show' from producing, writing, directing, editing, marketing. If I had a money tree outside, I would have released more music;) Every song costs about a little over a grand, plus the cost of marketing attached to that.

I'm always raising money to promote my music all over social media platforms to reach more people and music lovers like yourself:)

Your donation will help me create more, promote more and share more. Anything helps! 

Thank you for your support:) All donations over $100 receive a complementary Mia Laren t-shirt.

Thank you for your donation


Terms and conditions updated on November 27, 2020. All donations are non-refundable. Donations may be made more than once. Payment is made through third party Paypal. All questions about payment must be directed to Paypal. Any questions regarding website errors may be made to . May make donations anonymously. All donations are used for music purposes only. Donations may be submitted directly to through Paypal. 

Any questions regarding donations please contact

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