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Mia Laren is a singer, songwriter, producer, and professional dancer from Baltimore, Maryland, who recently relocated to the San Diego, California area. Her roots began in dance, as she felt the need to create her own rhythmic music to embody what she was feeling in the movement. Despite having no prior background in producing, Mia created her first song five years ago. Mia fell in love with the process of telling stories about her life. While her beat production was good enough to pitch to labels, she became more connected to the lyrics of her music because they mirrored her life. This led Mia to learn how to sing. She used to sing in the Peabody Choir when she was younger, but like any talent without practice, you lose its abilities. After years of practice, she finally found her voice and soul. Mia believes she still has much to learn, and she is excited to keep facing the challenges that make her grow. Her music spans various genres, including pop, dance-pop, Latin, and folk.


Beyond making music, Mia holds a Master's degree in Public Health and a Bachelor's degree in Dance. She grew up in a musical family, her dad being the rockstar. Just like him, she will never give up on her dreams. 

"Music: the heart's language." - Mia Laren

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