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As a pop, dance-pop, Latin, reggaeton, and folk artist, producer, and professional dancer, I'm Mia Laren. Originally from Baltimore, I've recently made San Diego my home. My journey began in dance, where I felt compelled to create music that matched my movements. Five years ago, I took the plunge into producing, crafting my first song. I had sung in the Peabody Choir when I was younger, but over time, like any talent left dormant, my abilities waned. Yet, through years of dedication and practice, I rediscovered my voice and the depth of my soul within it. Despite my progress, I acknowledge that there's still much for me to learn, and I embrace the challenges that come my way, knowing they are opportunities for growth. My music reflects a diverse range of influences, blending together elements from various genres to tell the story of my journey.

"Music: the heart's language." - Mia Laren

"I hope I am here for those who are going through life and need a song to listen to that speaks to them in ways the world can't." - Mia Laren

"You are the creator of your soul, create from what’s within not from what’s expected." #chooseindividuality - Mia Laren

"You can change your entire life by a single thought." - Mia Laren

How I found my purpose...

Many of us walk this planet in our beings, not truly knowing who that being is. We can define it physically, but can we grasp it emotionally, mentally, or spiritually? I think we get caught up in what we want to see, rather than what we’re actually seeing. We believe we know ourselves until we really don’t. That moment, although, doesn’t typically occur until we reach a low point. But why must a low point be necessary for reaching a high? Why are we constantly climbing ladders? Why is it so crucial to know who we are if we’re merely existing? If our time on this earth is but a blip? Is our identity our purpose? If everyone were good, then we wouldn’t need police. If everyone were bad, then we wouldn’t require democracy. And that is why, when we gaze into the mirror, we must acknowledge all facets, the good and the bad. We must accept ourselves, then decide whether we want to rectify our flaws or perpetuate them. If we choose to pass on our issues, we deny others the autonomy to navigate their own paths of self-discovery; instead, we burden them with our joys and sorrows. Imagine a world where everyone carries others’ pain and happiness rather than uncovering their own. Imagine staring in the mirror and not only seeing your pain and happiness but also others’. Imagine how confusing it would be, how difficult to differentiate between the two. Through all my experiences, I remained the same person because I held onto others’ pain and happiness, rather than uncovering my own… rather than seeing my own. Don’t allow someone else to have that much power. Reclaim your power. See yourself for who you are and choose to improve. That will ultimately become a facet of your purpose, just as I found mine in music.As I delved into music, it became my mirror, reflecting my true self through melodies and lyrics. With each chord and verse, I found clarity, purpose, and the courage to confront my inner struggles. Music became more than a passion—it became a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment, illuminating the path towards healing and growth.


What do I do?


I want to share a pivotal moment in my life when I woke up with a resolute determination to pursue music, regardless of my prior experience. Growing up with a father who was a musician, his weekly performances left an indelible mark on me, inspiring my own aspirations. In middle school, I wholeheartedly believed I would become a singer, even landing the lead role in “Bye Bye Birdie.” However, as high school arrived, I faced bullying and even instances of sexual assault, which shattered my confidence and dimmed my dreams.Despite my passion, discouraging words from others, including my best friend and drama teacher, led me to doubt my abilities. I found myself withdrawing from opportunities to showcase my talent, harboring insecurities. College brought yet another traumatic experience of assault, pushing me further into the shadows. However, at 27, a compelling force surged within me, compelling me to create music. With no prior experience, I mustered the courage to open my laptop, utilizing GarageBand to craft beats. Though I hesitated to sing, haunted by past traumas, I was astounded by my emerging talent. Over time, I gradually overcame my fear, though not fully realizing my potential.Despite encountering skepticism and discouragement, I remained steadfast in my resolve, making a pact with myself to persist and effect positive change. For me, music serves as a profound spiritual connection, enabling me to reach and influence others in a meaningful way. With each song and video I create, I find solace and self-expression, using my music as a therapeutic outlet to share my stories.Now armed with a master’s degree in public health, I aim to merge my passions by addressing pressing social issues such as mental health and sex trafficking through music. I trust my instincts, firmly believing that this path is my true calling.

What makes me happy?

Being here today, life is simply beautiful, yet so precious. My mother and hero, who recently had a kidney transplant, inspired me to “live for today.” I am so thankful to have my family here with me. I am happy when I am surrounded by good people, good food, good laughs, and the things I love doing the most, like singing, dancing, making music, hiking, traveling, writing, learning, and playing with my three-legged cat Leo, who I rescued when he was four weeks old.

Lastly, because the smaller things make up the bigger ones, it puts a big smile on my face when I see someone listening to one of my songs. Not only listening but connecting, as if I was singing right there in front of them. Music is truly the connection to the soul. If you are able to connect with music, you are able to connect to the soul.

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"My Heart" Out Now

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